Selected Projects

A selection of writing, multimedia, photography, and design projects from an eclectic career.
Multimedia: 'ScruTiny in the Great Round'

An award-winning multimedia artwork, in collaboration with artist Tennessee Rice Dixon and composer Charlie Morrow. A meditation on the spiritual meaning of sex and procreation. Winner of the Grand Prix du Jury Milia d’Or in Cannes. The linked video presents a linear version of originally interactive content. View Details

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Narrative political simulation: 'Hidden Agenda'

I wrote, designed, and did high-level coding for this pioneering computer simulation game about Central American politics (Springboard, Scholastic). Chosen ‘Role-Playing Game of the Year’ by MacWorld. Used in high schools, in universities, and by the U.S. State Department for training diplomats and others posted to Latin America. Featured on NPR’s 'All Things Considered.' Credited with inspiring the Games for Change conference, at which I was keynote speaker in 2008. View Details

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History stories for young adults: 'Time Machine'

I designed, edited, and wrote the first few titles for Time Machine, a series of reader-active books designed to interest 9-12 year old readers in history. First published by Bantam Books, these books were translated into 17 languages. A nice fan site keeps alive the memory of this series. View Details

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Online history: 'The Colburn Chronicles'

The Colburn Chronicles tells the story of the Colburn family from the time of Henry VII through the Puritan Great Migration to Dedham, MA to upstate NY in the early 20th century. View Details

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3D photography: stereograph sets

An obsession with 3D photography led to the launch of Cockeyed Creations, a company that published stereograph sets for the White House Historical Association, eight National Parks and National Monuments, two National Military Parks, zoos, museums, and other institutions. View Details

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Multimedia: 'Rings – Five Passions in World Art'

An interactive CD-ROM in collaboration with artist Tennessee Dixon and J. Carter Brown, curator of 'Rings – Five Passions in World Art,' an art show at the High Museum for the Atlanta Olympic Games. Roles included producer, interaction designer, programmer (Director), sound designer, vocals. View Details

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Simulation game: 'SimCity 3000'

For two years I worked for Maxis/Electronic Arts leading the game design team (Creative Director) on the third version of the city simulation game SimCity, at the time the most popular game in the world. View Details

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Online personal history:

This older site celebrates the women of the Red Cross Clubmobile Service during World War II. Much of it is based on the letters, scrapbook and spoken stories of my mother, Charlotte Colburn Gasperini. View Details

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3D photography: Stereojets

For a brief period it was possible to make backlit art prints of 3D photographs in a format called ‘stereojet,’ which used an updated technology originally invented by Polaroid in the 1960’s. It used an adapted inkjet to print dichroic inks on a special two-sided substrate. I made a series of stereojet prints, some of which were exhibited at the 3D Center of Art and Photography in Portland, OR and Photo San Francisco 2004. View Details

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Text adventure: 'Star Trek – the Promethean Prophecy'

In the early days of computer games, Ron Martinez and I pitched several publishers on an idea for an educational text adventure about the Amazonian rainforest. Simon and Schuster Software passed on the rainforest, but asked if we want to do a Star Trek game. So I got to write dialog for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy for an interactive Star Trek story. View Details

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Childrens' book: 'The Rose in the Forest'

This book for children tells the story of a rose planted by settlers in upstate New York in the 1790s. After the family moves to better farmland down the hill, the rose, Patience, waits for them to return as two centuries pass and the forest changes around her. Based on an actual rose my 5X-great-grandmother planted around 1795, still growing next to a cellar hole in Plainfield State Forest, NY. View Details

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Screenplay: Maxfield Parrish

This screenplay focuses on the relationship between painter Maxfield Parrish and the three women he used as his principal models (his wife, mistress, and daughter.) It alternates between animated versions of his paintings and the lives going on while he created them. View Details

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CDi multimedia: 'Naftaline'

For several years I worked for Philips in Paris and Munich designing prototypes for CDi, a technology that used television as display for interactive experiences through a stand-alone console. Two games I designed for children, 'Naftaline Chez Elle' and 'Naftaline et Ses Amis,' were published in France. View Details

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