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Killing monstrous darlings
I have been relentlessly combing through the draft of Fire in the Mind, trimming it down by over 3000 words in recent weeks. In the process I have had to “kill my darlings,” as the saying goes. Perhaps they will still be of interest presented piecemeal here. Several beta readers thought I was overly fond of fiery yokai in Japanese …
San Francisco Writers Conference
I spent a productive few days at the San Francisco Writers Conference, attending for free after winning the Grand Prize in their 2022 writing contest. Highlights were the many informative “breakout sessions” with agents, acquiring editors, independent editors, writing coaches, and book publicists. Aside from a few useful contacts, the conference gave me good ideas for honing my book proposal, …
Fire in the Mind wins SFWC Grand Prize
Fire in the Mind won the Grand Prize in the 2022 San Francisco Writers Conference Writing Contest. For this annual contest, literary agent judges read excerpts from unpublished manuscripts and choose First Prize Winners in four categories. The Grand Prize Winner is then selected from among the four winners. Fire in the Mind took top honors in Adult Non-Fiction. The …
IHS Presentation on Eternal Flames
On October 16, 2022 Jim gave a presentation on Eternal Flames via Zoom, sponsored by the Institute for Historical Study. View video recording here: …
On procrastination
In starting this blog, I might also congratulate myself (he said with a sigh) for launching what may well prove to be the most alluring method of procrastination yet. Though I constantly tell myself that the book is my first priority, I just as constantly find “little things that need doing so why don’t I get them out of the …
Origins of my book about fire
So now I have decided to write a blog about the process of writing my book about fire, and here is the first entry. I hope it will be a useful exercise to step back and scrutinize my process at some level of abstraction, and even result in something of interest to anyone who stumbles across these musings. This project …

10 thoughts on “Writing process blog”

  1. sygyt, how sad I was to miss your gathering. I’m also a septagarian? born in 52!
    I’m so lame, does this sign me up on your blog?

    1. Took me a sec to find it, but if you see “keep in touch” on the right side of the page, click there and it will give you a little window in which to enter your email address. Yay Jim!

  2. Hey Dancin’
    Thanks for visiting here. Actually, to sign up for the blog look for a sidebar on the right side of the screen with a picture of a candle and the label “Let’s Keep In Touch.” Or if you’re on a phone, scroll down past recent blog entries to find the same thing.

  3. John Gasperini

    Hey Jim!
    Congratulations on reaching this milestone on your way to getting your fire book published along with already having received awards before it’s even published! I look forward to reading some chapters soon. Happy New Year to you! Cheers.
    Love, Brother John

  4. Congratulations Jim! This is a big milestone. Congrats on your award too! Very impressive.

  5. David Currie

    Happy New Year! May the publisher of your dreams emerge at precisely the right moment! Congratulations on the awards and recognition. And, may your healing proceed apace! Much love from your old (but younger than you by a few months) friend!

  6. Dorothy Herzberg

    Congratulations!! What an accomplishment! And congratulations on coming through it all!! You are a champion!!

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